Friday, February 20, 2009

Do's and don'ts during and interview

Be polite to everyone you are in contact with - you never know who they might be
Have specific, relevant questions about the company/position - it shows you are interested
Exude confidence, poise and a sense of energy
Get a good night's sleep so you'll be fresh and well rested.
Maintain good eye contact with the recruiter
A firm handshake for men AND women communicates self-confidence
Try to learn the interviewer's name in advance so you can pronounce it correctly
Sit up straight and lean slightly forward, but be comfortable as well, this projects interest
Follow up with a handwritten Thank You note

Be too nervous if you can help it! Remember to take deep breaths, it will help
Put on a false self - be your best self, but be you
Forget to turn off your pager and cell phone - it's disruptive and inappropriate
Say negative things about former employers, even if they are true. It will make you sound like you complain too much
Leave early if you can possibly avoid it. While it is like you will have several companies to interview with, try and give yourself plenty of time between them
Allow your nervousness to show! Your preparation will go a long way to calming you
Don't fidget or touch things - breathe deeply to relax

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