Monday, February 16, 2009

Professional Career Counselor

What is a Career Counselor?
Career counselors hold a graduate degree in counseling with a specialization in career counseling. Services of career counselors differ, depending on the counselor's level of competence, the setting,client needs, and other factors. National Certified Career Counselors, Registered Professional Career Counselors, and other professional career counselors help people make and carry out decisions and plans related to life/career directions.
What do Career Counselors do?
Strategies and techniques of professional career counselors are tailored to the specific needs of the person seeking help. It is likely that the career counselor will do one or more of the following:
    • Conduct individual and group counseling sessions to help clarify life/career goals
    • Administer and interpret tests and inventories to assess abilities, interests, and so forth, and to identify career options
    • Encourage exploratory activities through assignments and planning experiences
    • Utilize career planning systems and occupational information systems to help individuals better understand the world of work
    • Provide opportunities for improving decision-making skills
    • Assist in developing individualized career plans
    • Teach job hunting strategies and skills and assist in the development of resumes
    • Help resolve potential personal conflicts on the job through practice in human relations skills
    • Assist in understanding the integration of work and other life roles
    • Provide support for persons experiencing job stress, job loss, and/or career transition

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