Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Work from home using Internet

Working at home while pursuing a full time career can be stressful, but with these tips and suggestions you’ll be well on your way to striking a balance between work and your personal life.

Time Management Tips for Working at Home Part Time

1. Keep Focused on Your Full Time Job - During working hours it will be easy to think about your work at home job, especially if your plan is to eventually quit your day job and come home full time. As hard as it may be keep yourself focused on your regular job while you are working. Don’t let your quality of work suffer.

2. Work Your at Home Job during Your Spare Time - Keep your at home job on somewhat of a schedule and work it after regular business hours and weekends. This will enable you to build a business without stressing yourself, which brings us to the next tip. Make certain that you take time out just for you to do things you enjoy other than working.

3. Don’t Overwork Yourself Just to Make Money Faster - Running a freelance business on the side can wear you down if you don’t make it a point to set limits for yourself. Take your time and don’t push yourself too far or take on too many clients just to make money faster. It will catch up with you in the long run and both jobs will suffer as well as your health.

Perfect Part Time Job Opportunities for Those with a Full Time Career

1. Typing at Home - There are various opportunities for part time typing jobs. From companies who need data entry personnel to podcast and website owners who need audios transcribed, the possibilities are abundant. Typing at home also pays well. Depending on what exactly you are doing you might get paid by the piece or by the hour. This makes it easy to schedule your work at home job during non-working hours.

2. Online Paid Surveys - These not only are fun, but they allow you to do work when you have time. From online surveys, mail in surveys, and even focus groups you can easily pick and choose the ones that fit your lifestyle, including the time you have available to work.

3. Freelance Writing - Freelance writing opportunities abound. There are always newspapers, magazines, and other print publications that are looking for columnists, editors, and more. Don’t forget to check with online business owners as well. Content is a necessary part of running a successful online business and webmasters just don’t have the time to keep up with the time it takes to create the amount of content they need.

Many online business owners regularly hire ghostwrites to write content ranging from advertising brochures and articles to eBooks and How-To Guides and everything in between.

4. Virtual Assistance - As a VA, you can do almost anything you have the skills to do. There are very successful virtual assistants who perform tasks for business owners online and off. Just a few of the services a VA can provide includes:

- Web design
- Transcription
- Ghostwriting
- Data entry
- Bookkeeping
- Accounting & Tax preparation
- Press services
- Audio and video creation
- and more…

While it won’t happen overnight, it is possible to work a full time day job and pursue making money at home with part time work. Following the tips above will help to make it easier. Before you know it you’ll have reached your goal of a more secure financial standing or creating the basis for a full time work at home business that will meet or even exceed your current income.

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