Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Career Counseling - Research Your Options

After compiling a list of possible career options worth exploring, it is time for you to research those very options. This is important because before you can make a decision on a career, you have to ask yourself how much you know about each option. Once you have information on each of the options, you can then use your criteria to evaluate the options and choose a career goal. Some of the questions you may wish to ask during the research process include:
How much do I know about each career?
Will there be a demand for such careers in today’s and tomorrow’s job market?
What does a typical workday entail with each career?
What special skill or field-knowledge is required for each career?
What are the training and education requirements?
What is the salary potential for each option?


Nitin said...

Hi Namita,
I am confused about my career. I am a MBA fresher and I want to start with a career which can give me a good future.What should I do ?
Waiting for your reply

Namita said...

Hi Nitin,
Nice to hear from you.
when have you completed your MBA and in what stream ?