Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Resume formatting rules

Bold and enlarge your name at the top.
Keep the sections lined up and consistent.
Use an Arial or Times New Roman font (or similar).
Font size shouldn't be smaller than 11pt or larger than 12pt, except for your Name and Headings.
Do not include pronouns such as "I," company street addresses, salary, or reasons for leaving.
Two-page resume: be sure to fill the second page at least halfway down the page.
Place “Continued” at the bottom of page one, and your name and “Page 2” at the top of page two.
Use graphics sparingly unless you are in a creative field. It is safe to use a border and shading.
Leave out personal data, photos, and unrelated hobbies, unless you are an actor/actress or model.
If you spell out the state in your address, such as New York, spell out the states for your jobs.
Proof, proof, and proof again!

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