Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tips for telephonic interview

In this age of globalisation and with recruiters having no time to send interview letters by snail mail, you need to be prepared for an impromptu interview over the phone anytime a company may want. You may have forgotten when you applied for a position in a particular company, or you may just be hunted down by a recruitment company – no matter what it is, always be prepared to face telephonic interviews. The first round of the interview is often a HR round and if time and distance are genuine constraints, then the following rounds may be conducted over phone as well. While it is difficult to assess or judge your interviewer on the opposite side of the phone as you cannot see him, you would need to give your best effort to impress the person on the other side. A few tips that may help you to achieve your goal:
1. After you come to know the purpose of the call, be polite, expressing your interest in the position.
2. Don't forget to address the other person with short greetings.
3. Be articulate and confident during the conversations - don't project overconfidence.
4. Listen very carefully to the questions that are directed at you.
5. Understand the question, if you are confident enough, then elaborate.
6. If you do not know the answer, do not waste time dilly-dallying. Decline politely and apologise for not knowing. The truth has a positive effect on your interviewer.
7. Give to the point answers.
8. Do not exaggerate. Know where to stop.
9. Give proper information regarding your present position. Be brief in your delivery and mention your current job role in a nutshell.
10. Make queries about the organisation, once you have the opportunity. Do not start negotiation on pay packages or benefits at the very beginning.
11. Avoid going into arguments, be formal in your language delivery – do not aggravate your interviewer.
12. Avoid discussing controversial issues.
13. Show your interest only if you are really interested. An endnote like “I would like to hear from you again” will definitely explain your interests.
14. After the interview, don't forget to say, “Thanks for your time.”
15. If you manage to impress your interviewer enough to get the job, be courteous and express your gratitude by saying “Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work for your esteem organization and I will always try to deliver my best.”
16. If you are not hired, don't be disappointed. Learn from your mistakes and try to overcome the problems the next time around.
17. Last but not the least, Be Positive.

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