Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ways to make your profile better than the rest

In the world of hourly and part-time jobs, you’ll rarely have to write a resume, which is a short and snappy document you create by listing all of your employment experiences, skills and references. Resumes are usually reserved for upper-level jobs and careers, depending on the field and employer.

As a job seeker looking for hourly jobs, you’ll be asked to make a job seeker profile. This is an easy online process in which you answer several questions about your work experience, availability, skills, interests and more. The best thing about having an online profile is that it saves you from having to fill out the same information again and again. Once you have a profile, you can apply to multiple jobs with just a few clicks. Some employers may ask a few additional questions once you’ve applied for a job.

Of course, if you go into a store, you’ll still find the familiar paper application. Here are some tips that apply to resumes, applications and online profiles:

Be complete.
Be accurate.
Be professional
Stay fresh.

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